Pluck Tea - Compostable Bags (seven varieties available)

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From Pluck Tea, Toronto - 55 g

Every jar contains 20 compostable tea bags.

Canoe Lake Blend - Notes of caramel, maple sugar, cacao, and a hint of pine smoke intertwine in this rooibos and black tea blend. Memories of campfire s'mores and summer evenings in a cup! This blend includes freshly roasted cacao nibs from Toronto's Chocosol. 

Caramel London Fog (Organic) - Natural bergamot and caramel essences make this organic Earl Grey a treat of a steep for any time of day. Blended with love with London Fog lovers in mind! Enjoy with or without milk.

Earl Grey Cream - This distinctive and delicious remix of traditional Earl Grey is Pluck's top selling tea. Featuring a soft bergamot character, creamy vanilla bean finish, and a full bodied black tea flavour - this blend is a standout. A perfect dairy - free alternative for Earl Grey lovers who would traditionally add a splash of milk, this tea is delicious and smooth on its own.

English Breakfast - This bright, robust, and well–balanced premium tea is the perfect combination of brisk and bold.

Lavender Earl Grey Cream - Ontario-grown lavender has been added to Pluck's top-selling tea! Fresh from the sun-drenched fields of Prince Edward County, and lovingly hand-harvested and dried, our lavender is gently hand-rubbed prior to blending for optimal fragrance and flavour - without being overpowering.

Lightly floral, with soft bergamot notes and a creamy vanilla bean finish, this premium black tea blend is a standout (that makes a stunning lavender London fog). 

Pumpkin Spice - This blend is the perfect steep to cozy up to. Full of flavour, this cinnamon-studded tea is delicious with a splash of milk, as a latte, or on its own.

Spa Day (Organic) - Treat yourself to this refreshing, relaxing, caffeine-free organic infusion. Peppermint, hibiscus, chamomile, and rose notes intertwine. A symphony of flavours that calms and soothes any time of day.