Hummingbird Chocolate Bar (five varieties available)

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From Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Almonte

Fleur Del Sel: The perfect combination of salty sweet! Made with single origin Dominican Republic cacao, this bar combines 70% Hispaniola with Vancouver Island Salt Co. sea salt.  Bright and berry forward, with just the right amount of salt to satisfy your sweet tooth, there's a reason this bar is a top seller.

Maple: Made with Lanark County maple sugar. Single Origin, Ghanaian Cacao, 65% Dark Chocolate. 

PB & Joy: Single Origin, Dominican Republic Cacao, 65% Dark Chocolate. In this bar, Hispaniola cacao is blended smooth with freshly roasted peanuts.

Mocha Milk: Dark milk chocolate infused with locally roasted coffee. A subtle mocha flavour and silky smooth sweet treat, perfect for morning, noon, or night. 

Dark Milk: A rich and creamy, oh-so-dreamy dark milk chocolate with 60% cocoa content.