Eve's Seed Crackers (4 kinds)

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From Eve's Crackers, British Columbia - 108 g

Black Sesame, or should we call it the pairs-well-with-everything cracker, has a subtle savoury sesame flavour that is perfect for folks who prefer a more neutral tasting cracker.

Savoury Sunflower: Satisfyingly savoury notes of umami and garlic make this cracker ridiculously snackable. 

Chili Pepper Pumpkin Seed: Savoury toasted pumpkin seeds with a hit of red pepper chili flakes make this the boldest, yet most devourable cracker.

Cracked Pepper: Light and lovingly sprinkled with pepper, the newest member of the Eve’s Cracker family is sure to become a fast favourite! 

❊  Keto Friendly  ❊  Gluten Free  ❊  Vegan  ❊  Fibre Full