Handcrafted Bitters (5 varieties available)

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From Bittersweet Botanicals, Peterborough - (five varieties)

Traditionally used to stimulate and support digestion, bitters are highly versatile. Use them to dress a cocktail; flavour coffee, tea or soda; season a salad dressing; or simply for digestive support. These bitters are crafted from an assortment of organic and locally-foraged plants.

Grapefruit: Blended with aromatic herbs & wildcrafted sumac / Bitter and carminative / Very versatile & pairs with most spirits / Perfect for a mimosa / Contains: Local Vodka (40%), Extracts Of Grapefruit*, Hibiscus*, Wildcrafted Sumac, Hawthorn*, Gentian*, Star Anise*, Fennel*, Black Pepper* 

Lime: Zesty Lime Bitters blended with garden grown elderberries and hyssop / Versatile & bright / Pairs with vodka and gin / Excellent in a Moscow Mule or a simple vodka cranberry / Contains: Local Spirits (40% alc), Extracts Of Lime*, Wildcrafted/Locally-Grown Elderflower, Hyssop & Wormwood 

Just Ginger Bitters: Add heat to any drink / Add to warm water as a stomach soother / Pairs with rum or whisky / Try it in an old fashioned or hard cider / Contains: High Proof Rum, Purified Water, Organic Ginger

Rose Cardamom: A perfect addition to a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate / Pairs with brandy, whisky, vodka, gin / Excellent in a metropolitan / Contains: Vodka (40% alcohol), Extracts of Rose*, Cardamom*, Burdock*.

Spiced Orange Bitters: Warming, bitter & aromatic /  The perfect addition to hot chocolate & tea / Pairs with dark spirits / Try it in an Old Fashioned / Contains: High Proof Rum, Purified Water, Extracts Of Orange Peel*, Burdock*, Gentian*, Ginger*, Cardamom*, Cinnamon*, Black Pepper*                    

(*Organic Ingredients)