Stone Ground Dark Chocolate Bars (four kinds)

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From Chocosol, Toronto - 75 g

Stone ground dark chocolate is a nourishing and refreshing tradition thousands of years in the making. Used as sacred incense, delicious spice or as gift currency, the beauty, power and versatility of cacao and chocolate are undeniable.

  • 100% Gratitude: 100% Cacao:  For the purist, this unsweetened chocolate is for those avoiding all forms of sugar and sweetener or those looking for a great baking chocolate.
  • Coffee Crunch: 65% Cacao:  Because coffee and chocolate go so well together. In this bar, our fresh-roasted Oaxacan coffee beans are embedded in this sweet dark chocolate for a satisfying crunch and extra energy boost!
  • Vanilla Sea Salt: 65% Cacao: Chocosol's best-selling flavour! Sure to win over dark and light chocolate lovers alike, Vanilla Sea Salt is our lightest and sweetest chocolate, featuring a melody of raw vanilla and sea salt that forms a delectable chocolate experience. Enjoy on its own or add it your favourite baking recipe!